Buying a Home

But let’s be INSANELY honest with each other before you start your search….

Here are some eternal truths about the real estate business:

1. 97% of all homes are LISTED with a Real Estate Agent on the “MLS” – Mulitple Listing Service

2. All Agents have access to the EXACT SAME MLS data / lists of homes.

3. So as a Buyer, you can logically assume that you’ll be competing with 100% of local home Buyers who are fighting to be first in line to gain  access to MLS data that represents 97% of all homes for sale…..that happen to be listed by a bunch of agents who all share access to the same info… sounds less than exciting doesn’t it? I got tired just typing it!

So what to do?…..

Seek representation, (which is FREE to you) from a group of Real Estate Professionals who can provide you with MORE than just a list of homes that everyone in the world with an Internet connection has access to in their underwear at 3 AM. The Arendsen Group will provide you with:

  • INSANE amounts of local, on the ground “real-world” market knowledge.
  • Reputation. You can’t BUY this. The Arendsen Group’s reputation throughout the community and amongst other local Real Estate Professionals is not something to take lately. This reputation has helped us close hundreds of deals.
  • The Arendsen Group Buyer’s Program. In addition to the perks listed above, you will receive a 1-year Home Warranty and a 2 hour free consultation with our recommended interior designer to help you turn that amazing house you just purchased… into a beautiful home!


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